What is this?
A collection of 50,000 different topics that people want to know more about. Refresh the page to generate a new topic. As each topic is actually searched for by other people you can instantly tap into a new market by creating relevant content and promote relevant products to them.

What's NicheRank?
The higher NicheRank the topic has, the more people are looking for information regarding that topic. This means that there are more potential customers in that niche, and possibly more competition.

Why do I need this tool?
Because it's quite hard to compete in the "mainstream" dating, make money or weight loss- niche. But did you know that thousands of people are looking for advice on how to "Exercise infront of their computer", "make a long distance relationship work" and even "Grow a Tomato Plant"? And that's just 3 different topics in our free database. We'll also suggest a domain name, tell you about competition, and give a few article ideas and tell you how hot the topic is.

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